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Bringing Science to the Paranormal Field

Quantum Paranormal Investigators is dedicated to using only the most accurate methods of detection available and takes extraordinary steps to ensure that all data collected is as legitimate as possible.

We take extra precautions during our investigations to ensure that only the most legitimate data is presented to our clients and to the public when we are giving presentations and lecterns.

Trust, Reliability, and Discretion

We at Quantum Paranormal Investigators take privacy and trust extremely seriously. We only allow members in that have gone through and passed a background check and can ensure the discretion and sensitive nature of information gathered on client meets and formal investigations. We ensure that all data collected will be handled properly and any information gathered will be treated as sensitive to ensure privacy of our clients.

Education and Accuracy.

Quantum Paranormal Investigators prides ourselves on being the scientific authority within the paranormal investigation field. We never fabricate evidence and we take all precautions to ensure evidence is as authentic as possible in a field not well understood.

Being experts in our field with a scientifically backed process - we offer many programs available for library and institutional presentations on the field, and our findings.


We are

Quantum Paranormal.

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